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  • Add or replace fixtures
  • Repair leaks
  • Repair/replace water supplies
  • Toilet repair
  • Clear Blockages
  • New pipe installation

Minimum Charge

S$ 100.00

Response Time

Urgent: Within 1 hour Normal Booking: 1-2 days in advance


30 Days for minor repairs; others will depend upon the quotation

Mode of Payment

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Cheque
  • Credit Cards (Subject to merchant fee ~ 3%)
  • Paypal (Subject to merchant fee ~ 3%) or via direct bank transfer (online or via ATM)

Years of Service

More than 10 years


Address: Blk 9003 Tampines Street 93,  #04-192 Tampines Industrial Pk A, Singapore 528837

Email Address:


Telephone: 6782 9200

Operating Hours

Mon to Fri - 8am to  5pm         Sat - 8am to 2pm

About the Company

HRD Professional Handyman understands that finding someone you can trust for professional property maintenance who simply get the job done quickly and reliably isn't always that easy. That is where HRD Professional Handyman is changing things.

Welcome to a handyman service for full property maintenance serving valued customers across Singapore island wide. HRD Professional Handyman is focused on giving great service and exceptional value for money.

We offer a professional handyman services for installation and repair work generally lasting from an hour to a day. We are ideal for handling all those little job that never seem get done or for the work that needs skills and tools that are beyond the average DIY'er


Description of Services Unit Rate
Minimum Charge - The handyman team rate is $100* hourly and/or part thereof (for labour and tools only). $100* (inclusive of Transport Fee) per trip
Additional Surcharge - CBD & Tuas Area $120*
After Office Hour Surcharge $40* per hour
Emergency Services $120* (inclusive of Transport Fee) per trip (per hour)
Materials / Parts Market Rate
* Price stated excludes of GST
Job done by our Handyman will be priced at "case by case basis", as a lot depends on what needs to be done and if any materials are needed. Our rate will either be a fixed book rate or hourly rate.

Terms And Conditions

  1. Commencement of Work: Scope of Work will commenced upon receipt of confirmation and deposit from Owner.
  2. Deposit & Goods sold: All deposit paid shall not be refundable. All required deposit to MCST/council/any parties shall be borne by owner. All goods sold/ordered/reserved are not refundable, returnable or exchangeable.
  3. Exclusions: The above quotation does not include the following:
    a) Night works (all works quoted are based on day works unless otherwise specified)
    b) Architectural submission of drawings to BCD for approval and any other Professional Fee as required.
    c) PE endorsed drawings.
    d) All price quoted subject to site verification / measurements conditions.
    e) All materials samples proposed subject to availability from suppliers/manufacturers.

  4. Concealed Conditions: This Agreement is based solely on the observations handyman was able to make with the structure in its current conditions at the time this agreement was bid. If additional concealed conditions are discovered once work has commenced which were not visible at the time this proposal was bid. HRD handymen will stop work and point out these unforeseen concealed conditions to Owner so that owner and handyman can execute a Change Order for any additional work.
  5. Deviation from scope of work: Any alteration or deviation from the Scope of Work referred to in this Agreement involving extra costs of materials or labor will be executed upon a written Change Order issued by the handyman and should be signed by the handyman and owner prior to the commencement of Additional Work by the handyman. All other works not mentioned in the above scope of works will be deemed as variation order and billed to client accordingly. All addition and alteration works after the confirmation of layout and design will be deemed as variation order and billed to the client accordingly.
  6. Default in payment term and schedule: In the event the owner default or fails to make payments as herein agreed in the schedule, the owner will pay all reasonable attorney fees and costs, including collection costs, necessitated by said default to enforce this contract. Default or non-payment is defined as failure to make payment within 7 days of the due date.
  7. Work stoppage, termination of contract for default and interest: HRD handyman shall have the right to stop all work on the project and keep the job idle if payments are not made to HRD in accordance to the payment schedule in this agreement, or if Owner repeatedly fails or refuses to furnish handyman with access to the job site and/or product selection or information necessary for the advancement of handyman's work. Simultaneous with stopping work on the project, the handyman must give owner written notice of the nature of owner's default and must also give the owner a 7 days period in which to cure this default. If work is stopped due to any of the above reasons (or for any other material breach of contract by the owner) for a period of 7 days, and the owner has failed to take significant steps to cure his default, the HRD may, without prejudicing any other remedies contractors may have, given written notice of termination of the Agreement to owner and demand payment for all completed work by HRD, including profits and overhead of 20% on the balance of the incomplete work under the Agreement. Thereafter, HRD is relieved from all other contractual duties, including all touch ups and warranty work. Interest is chargeable at 2% of the balance amount per month until the full payment is made.
  8. Work Schedule. HRD handymen will follow strictly to the schedule prescribed. In the event of owner's requests to change or delay the work for whatsoever reason, there will be additional charges to the delay caused. False Alarm and/or phone order. We will charge a minimum of $120 for any order via the phone/sms/email to attend to any emergency or non emergency call during office hours. Additional 50% surcharge is applicable for after hours work. In the event of false alarm and our handyman team had arrived on site, the minimum cost is payable.
  9. Warranty. HRD provides limited workmanship warranty on all handyman and subcontractor-supplied labor in this project for a period of 30 days from the date of handover. After the period of 30 days from the date of handover, it is the owner sole remedy (material and labor) on all materials that are covered by manufacturer's warranty is strictly with the manufacturer, not with HRD and their handyman.

    Warranty follow up call. In the event of a call to follow up by owner/client on the incident which is not under HRD's warranty, a minimum transport & labor charge of $40 is applicable. If there is troubleshooting done, the hourly rate of trouble shooting applies; ie minimum $150 per hour. There will be pictures and report of the incident.

    No warranty is provided by HRD on any materials/products/fittings furnished by owner for installation. No warranty is provided on any existing materials that are moved and/or reinstalled by handyman within the dwelling (including any warranty that is existing/used materials will not be covered during the removal and reinstallation process).

    Repair/installation of the following items is specifically excluded from HRD warranty: Damage resulting from lack of owner maintenance; damage resulting from owner abuse or ordinary wear and tear; deviations that arise such as minor cracking of concrete, stucco and plaster; minor stress fracture in drywall due to the curing of lumber, warping and deflection of wood; shrinkage/cracking of grouts and caulking; fading of paints and finishes exposed to sunlight.

    All mirror and glass: All installations/drilling works on tiled/natural stones/concrete wall; HRD will not be liable for any damaged to the concealed wiring/plumbing work and the tiles finish. It is the owner sole remedy (material & labor) to rectify the damage.

    All incidents, loss or damaged caused by ACT of GOD.

    All choked clearance job. Once the choked / blockage is being cleared and tested in the presence of the owner/customer, we considered the job is done. There will not be any free follow up call and/or touch up order for this instance.

    This limited warranty excludes consequential and incidental damages and limits the duration of implied warranties to the fullest extent permissible under the law of Singapore.

  10. Expiration of this agreement: This agreement will expire 30 days after the date at the top of page one of this agreement/quote if not first accepted in writing by owner.
  11. Completion of work/ hand over: Completion of work shall be considered to occur upon satisfactory final inspection of the owner; occupancy of the improvement by the owner or the posting of a completion notice, which ever occur first. Final payment, constituting the entire unpaid balance of this contract and including the amount of all change orders shall be made no later than 7 days after the completion. Strictly no retention fees.
  12. Entire agreement: This agreement represents and contains the entire agreement between parties. Prior discussions or verbal representations by the parties that are not contained in this Agreement are not a part of this agreement.
  13. Handyman rights: As a professional handyman service provider, we will do our personal best to perform the job given. However, in the event of unreasonable demand from owner/client, we reserved the right to do any job the will place us in danger and/or against the law. We reserved the rights to pack our tools, take pictures of the job done/half done and leave the place in a peaceful manner when the owner/client shown aggression with verbal and/or physical threats towards our handyman.
  14. All costs are subjected to prevailing Goods and Services Tax.
  15. The above standard terms and conditions are not exhaustive, we reserved the rights to amend it without prior notice.

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  1. Tang Ka Wei says
    1 rating
    Please do not use this company services. They are all myanmese who does not know the job. 1. Unable to communicate over the phone in simple English. Got so much difficulty in talking to them eventually waited 2 days before a decent Singaporean called back. 2. When they come to install a KDK fan, they screwed up taking in and out until eventually the brand new fan becomes loose. 3. When called their service, they simply ignore your call and refuse to change a new fan. 4. This is the worst nightmare I got in dealing with a contractor. If you're looking for nightmares, you can try calling their service!!!