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Hiring a Part-time Maid, Boon or Bane?



In today’s fast-paced life, resorting to household help paves the way for busy moms to do their other necessary obligations; moreover, hiring maids at home  gives one time to engage into much-needed and well-earned leisure activities—which one just can’t seem to do when all the works in the world are all laid upon one’s shoulder.

 A lot of wise mothers now opt for hiring maids to somehow free themselves from long hours of doing household chores. However, nowadays, it is hard to find full-time helpers as most of these workers  cleverly split their working hours  doing two or more jobs. Ergo, a part-time maid is more accessible and easier to find.

Furthermore, if one gauges if hiring a part-time maid is either a boon or a bane, weighing it pros and cons, listing its advantages and disadvantages, it would appear as though the former would always take the higher ground. First off, paying a part-time maid would obviously cost lesser. Although one may argue that this also translates to lesser hours of service, one should be mindful that household help is not needed 24 hours. In fact, there are countless of times that we could personally do the chores without asking much from the helper.

Another benefit of having domestic help on the half-day basis is that you still get to have that needed time for privacy at home. Like it or not,  it could be quite inconvenient for some family members to be always around individuals outside of the immediate family circle. Although maids are certainly a great help to the family, a time for intimate and exclusive period for bonding with your partner and children is still essential. Some families though prepare an in-house, full-time helper but this just proves to be rather working only for certain homes where the father/mother and other family members are just too busy to embark upon house-related tasks—and for those who have a lot of money to spare to employ for a full-time helper.

Finally, getting a part-time maid is more of a boon than a bane because it reminds us that we are still the one who should supervise and clean our own homes. It is a reminder that we seek domestic help not because we totally want to veer away from our own home’s needs. Bear in mind that it is important that we do know every corner of our own homes: literally and figuratively.