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Relevant Information on Hiring Part Time Maids in Singapore

Hiring a part time maid or full time maid, for that matter, is almost a necessity for families with children in Singapore.  The long working hours may become way to stressful when handled without one. 

Finding a part time maid is not hard in Singapore.  You can start hiring a part time maid on your own as long as you are aware of the guidelines provided by the Singapore government.  Some contact part time maid agencies, which are accredited, to help you with the recruitment and selection process.  These part time maid agencies will help you find the best suited part time maid for the job that you need.

These part time maid agencies are normally the ones who will handle the insurance, bonds, work permits and medical check ups prior to deploying her to your home.  The MOM  allows you to hire part time maids from Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India.

As for the pay, hiring a part time maid is not as expensive as hiring a full time maid.  There are a few part time maid agencies that offer a trial part time maid cleaning service for four full hours for less than $50. 

The thing is, when you have found the right part time maid, make sure that that same part time maid will be the one deployed by the part time maid agency of your choice.  It is a lot easier to have someone whom you trust around your house than to constantly search for another part time maid whom you do not really know that well.