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Our Top Selection for Part Time Maid Agencies

To help you find the right part time maid agency, we complied two of the best ones in Singapore:

1.    Unihome Domestic Services

UniHome Domestic Services understands that the demand in fulfilling a successful career and a rewarding lifestyle can sometimes result in a compromise in your home maintenance. They aim to solve your problem by providing a comprehensive housekeeping package specially tailored to fulfil all your house cleaning needs.
Incorporated in 2005, UniHome got its name because the company treats each home uniquely.
UniHome has a team of trained and dedicated housekeepers who can provide a comprehensive housekeeping package specially tailored to fulfill all your house cleaning needs.

2.    HomeCarely Cleaning Service

HomeCarely Cleaning Service offers only the best in cleaning services, customized to meet your specific needs. They are a reliable cleaning company that offers peace of mind that you can only get from people whom you trust. HomeCarely Cleaning Service has an apparent care, respect and honour for your home.
HomeCarely Cleaning Service’s goals are to provide satisfactory, individualized and customized cleaning. Their rates are affordable, with no agency fees, no binding contracts or Goods & Service Tax (GST).

These part time maid agencies will help you find a part time maid to suit your needs.  They will not ask for any agency fees or binding contracts.  As a promotional price, they will only ask for $48 for 4 hours of cleaning.  Then you can relax and unwind as a professional part time maid does the chores for you.  They do make life a whole lot easier.