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What You Should Know When Hiring Part-Time Maid

What You Should Know When Hiring Part-Time Maid

You will never know how challenging it is to find a part-time maid Singapore until you try to look for one. Of course, you need to find one who has excellent skills, trustworthy, professional and efficient. Those characteristics could be a handful if you are trying to find them all from one person.

Is it really possible to find a house help who can satisfy your criteria? In Singapore, there are reputable companies which could help you out in finding the right part-time maid. These will save you from rounding up all your friends and relatives just to ask if they could recommend someone.

It is important to understand that house helpers also have varying skills. Usually, they handle all the cleaning inside the house, especially because they are there for just a limited time. The cleaning includes, buffing up windows, vacuuming carpet and rugs, scrubbing bathroom walls, shampooing carpet, changing bedroom sheets and even tidying up the pet. Being a part-time maid Singapore entails training when it comes to such cleaning services. However, you can still give minimal instructions.

In some cases, there are also part-time maids who specialize in baby sitting. Of course, they are especially trained to know how to properly take care of kids, especially infants. Some focus on providing care for the elderly.

Another option is to hire a day cook for your home. This means that the only obligation around the house is to ensure that all meals are prepared well.

How do you choose the right one?

Hiring a part-time maid involves a certain level of trust because your home, and maybe even your child, would be in the hands of another person. The best thing to do is to have a thorough background check of the individual first. Rely only on a company or agency which has a good track record over the years. If the company does not seem reputable enough, then skip it. Aside from skills, ask for all other details regarding their recommended nanny—complete name, photograph, years of experience, special training, permanent residence and even previous employers. All these will help you gauge who the right pick is.

Schedule is very important. The house helper would not be staying in your home day and night so the schedule should work well with your needs. Some people only opt for once a week visits. This one day would be dedicated to cleaning and making sure that everything is in shipshape. On the other hand, there are nannies who can be hired for daily work, especially if it involves taking care of the kids, cooking for the family or other tasks which need to be done everyday. Before setting your heart on someone, might as well confirm first if the schedule you want would tie up with theirs.

You also need to make a decision when it comes to the number of part-time maid you need. Some of the companies which provide such services send just one person. However, you also have to be sensible when it comes to the amount of work that has to be done. If your home is spacious and there are multiple rooms to clean up and a pile of laundry to finish, hiring just one person and expecting all these tasks to be done by one person is quite unrealistic. You might want a team of cleaners who can efficiently do all these things in one day.

Of course, budget is always a concern but do not instantly jump into an offer just because of low rates. You need to consider whether the agency is reputable, the employees are competent and that they are trustworthy. Or else, you might end up wasting your money.

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