A “Green” HDB Interior Design

There are certain HDB interior designs that are more practical than they are aesthetic. These HDB interior designs help the environment, are beneficial for our health and are very useful for everyone in the long run.  These HDB interior designs should not be postponed as well to help you spare money. 

Make your home eco friendly by renovating your windows. An HDB interior design with Energy Star certified windows are a whole lot better than an HDB interior design with old single pane windows. The energy star windows can save you a lot of money as these windows have more than just a couple panes of glass, warm edge spacers between the window panes and better framing materials than old single pane ones.

You can improve your HDB interior design by adding an extra padding for your ceiling. With this, you can help reduce energy consumption. Having the right insulation with your HDB interior design can reduce cooling bills by 10%. As for your water heater, you do know that it is one of your home’s most major energy and electricity expenditure right?  It also uses up a big chunk of your regular monthly PUB.  It is time to change your heater if it is already more than 10 years old.  If your water heater is old, it is most likely operating at a less efficient rate, with an efficiency level of 50 per cent or lower.

If you are an avid air conditioner user and your bills are sky rocketing each month due to your air conditioner use, then it is time for an HDB interior design renovation that can ease up on your monthly PUB. Add in large windows and enough ventilation to allow cool air to enter your HDB well enough.  These HDB interior design renovations can shrink your energy use and thus save you money.