Common Renovation Project Mistakes

A home remodeling or renovation project is not as easy as it may sound. Renovating a building is not just all about how it will look or function, but most importantly you have to deal with what kind of materials are used during the renovation, how are you going to deal with your suppliers and contractors, etc. This of course will be handled by the person who will manage the project. Thus before a renovation project starts, one of the most critical decisions to be made is who will manage the project.


You can either hire a professional who will do the work or alternatively, you can manage the project yourself. If you choose to manage the work yourself, make sure that you have enough experience to deal with this. According to Gail La Grouw, the following are some common mistakes done by owners who have decided to take on the role of managing the renovation project themselves,



1. Inadequate Planning.

   Creating a good plan is a critical part of your role as a project manager. The success of the project largely depend on this. Your plan must include as much detail as possible. You have to consider planning for contingencies.


2. Poor Materials Management

   Purchasing of the right materials at the right time is huge task during renovation. Think about this task properly, as it can be a cause of delay to your schedule. You can also incur cost if you do not have your materials at the right time.


3. Poor Record Keeping

   File everything especially things that have to do with finances. Record keeping must be done every day. You certainly will miss something in your list if you do it in a random way. Record keeping will also let you know exactly where you are in terms of time and dollars against the plan specification.


4. Not Managing the Work Site

   Most subcontractors are trying to cut cost by ignoring a number of regulations and workplace safety items. This a bad thing of course. Make sure that there is a proper insurance for their area of work.


5. Poor Communication

   As home owners are not that familiar with terms being used for renovation, miscommunication can happen along the way. Make sure that when you don’t understand things, clarify it, but never lose your confidence in front of your contractors of course.


6. Poor Change Management Control

   All changes made during the renovation process must be documented and sign off.


7. Not Keeping Check of the Budget

   Keep an eye with your budget, as most projects will overrun the initial estimate make sure to add some percentage of your budget for your contingency plans.