Room Renovation Ideas 101


The appearance of one’s room speaks a lot of the owner’s way of living as much as it reflects one’s personality. Aside from it being the place in our home where we rest our weary bodies after a tiring day, our rooms serves as a venue for several activities like night-time studying, entertaining guests, doing fun indoor leisure, among others.

In this light, it would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to modify the look of one’s room every now and then. Whether you plan on doing a major or minor room renovation, these rundown of tips below might help you in applying the much-needed changes in your own beloved space.

Find a Suitable Theme: Being clear on what particular theme you’d want your room to adhere to will make it easier for you to frame the overall look of your own space. If you want a minimalistic look, then a bed, a closet, and a plain curtain might be enough to avoid a cluttered place. If you want a more techno-futuristic look, then putting entertainment equipments and gadgets inside might do the trick. If you are into oriental designs, putting some indoor plants could let you achieve this theme. Whatever it is, make sure that you choose the right pieces and also make sure that they all blend in together. Some designs suffer from trying to mix different styles that makes it hard for one to figure out what particular look is it trying to imbibe. If you could, try sketching the room first before doing the renovation.

The Wall Vibe: Painting the wall of your room creates a certain mood. For a masculine touch, always choose not-so-loud hues like blue. For a more feminine hint, fine and subtle colors like pink and yellow can help you achieve this vibe. To give stunning accents, you may opt to hang paintings, photographs,  or anything that could serve as the trademark and pivotal spots  of your place.