How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

You love your new home.  You love everything about it, except maybe the space.  Renovating your small home need not be difficult.  There are so many renovation ideas that you can use, as long as you know when and how to use them.

First of all, if you are renovating a small room, keep the colours light.  Light colours brighten up a room.  Stay away from dark, solid shades such as blue, red or purple.  You should also keep the room monochromatic to allow an easy flow of colours.  If ever you decide to use a pale blue shade for your wall colour, make sure the carpeat, rugs and window treatment should also be blue, even if it is a lighter or darker shade.

There is this popular “ruler” rule when it comes to renovating and deciding on a wallpaper or fabric.  Use a ruler and if the pattern repeats or pattern images are four or five inches in size, these patterns might be too big for a small room.  Large patterns make a room seem smaller while smaller patterns make the room seem bigger.

Here is a trick that most renovation companies and interior designers use: mirrors and glass.  Mirrors and glass will also give the room more visual space.   The reflection created by a mirror makes the room seem bigger than it actually is.  Furthermore, it reflects light, therefore brightening up the room.

The size of the furniture will affect the perceived size of the room.  So choose smaller furnitures.  Do not choose large furnitures that may seem to swallow up the room.  Also, when arranging furnitures, avoid pushing everything against the wall.  It will make the room uninteresting.