Bathroom Renovations

Doing a bathroom renovation all by yourself can be quite daunting for any man or woman.  It takes knowledge of the right materials, renovation know how and a lot of careful planning.  First of all, you should start by understanding the scope of your renovation project.  You have to understand that it would be entirely different if you are building a bathroom from scratch or if you are simply rebuilding your bathroom because you no longer think that it is functional enough or beautiful enough. 

If you are updating your existing bathroom, there could be a chance that you are opting for low flow toilets or adding a new vanity to your bathroom.  Renovation may also include adding a corner shower and soaker tub.  Your renovation capabilities are limited to the size of your bathroom as well as the size of your budget.

However, if you are building your bathroom renovation from scratch, then the plumbing will be straight forward.  Research on the local building code and don’t forget to apply for a permit.  Choose quality plumbing materials that will stand the test of time.  Many professionals who have long been in the industry prefer copper plumbing as opposed to galvanized or CPVC.  However, the sad thing is that copper is difficult to install.

In cases when the plumbing needs to be changed or ripped out, a professional can do this better.  So stop your renovation and call a professional.  After they have done this part, then you may proceed with your renovation.

Finally, it is important to consider what is your renovation finishing touches by thinking of your decorating theme.  You should think about the fixtures you need to add in such as cabinetry, flooring, color theme and others.  Do not choose renovation color themes and designs that will look outdated in a few years.  Go for classic designs as much as possible.