1. Room Renovation Ideas 101

    Room Renovation Ideas 101In this light, it would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to modify the look of one’s room every now and then. Whether you plan on doing a major or minor room renovation, these rundown of tips below might help you in applying the much-needed changes in your own beloved space.

  2. Establishing A Good Relationship With Renovation Contractors

    Establishing A Good Relationship With Renovation ContractorsCreating a smooth and hassle-free relationship with your renovation contractors leads to a less straining working dynamics. It is important to build a good rapport with the people who will handle the remodelling, restructuring, or reconstruction of your homes to ensure that you get to communicate all your ideas across without the fear of starting unnecessary friction between you as the client, and they as your contracted workers.

  3. Housing Development Board - Tips for Home Owners Planning for a Renovation

    Housing Development Board - Tips for Home Owners Planning for a RenovationPlanning for a home renovation? The first thing you have to do is to visit the website of the Housing Development Board of Singapore and check who are the registered renovation contractors who can do the work for you. You cannot just hire any contractors you want, they have to be certified by HDB for them to do any type of renovation works.

  4. Timing Rules for Carrying Out Renovation

    Timing Rules for Carrying Out Renovation The Housing Development Board of Singapore is strictly implementing timing rules for any form of renovation that needs to be carried out. • General renovation works must be carried out between 8:00 am to 6 pm daily. • Heavy renovation works that creates a lot of noise such as wall demolitions, removing of floor finishes, cutting of tiles and drilling works must be done between 9:00 am to 6 pm on weekdays only.

  5. How to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

    How to Make Small Rooms Look BiggerYou love your new home. You love everything about it, except maybe the space. Renovating your small home need not be difficult. There are so many renovation ideas that you can use, as long as you know when and how to use them.

  6. Renovation on a Budget

    Renovation on a BudgetIt is not unusual for a person to end up renovating their homes on a budget. You should note that there are a lot of things you may want, but renovation on a budget requires you to only get what you truly need.

  7. Renovation for Your Bedroom

    Renovation for Your BedroomOne would think that bedroom renovation takes just a bit of tweaking here and there. Personally, I believe that bedroom renovation is one of the most difficult renovation tasks to undertake. Why, you ask? Your bedroom is the best place to express your individuality, yet it should also be the ultimate space for relaxation. Your bedroom should strike the perfect balance between being your relaxation haven and your hub for self expression.

  8. How to Spot a Good Renovation Company

    How to Spot a Good Renovation CompanyBefore hiring a renovation and interior design company, you need to be able to spot if they are a good team for your home. You have to basically understand and assess each company’s core characteristics and qualities before letting them into your house.

  9. Steps for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation

    Steps for Starting Your Kitchen Renovation Just like any other home renovation, a kitchen renovation is never easy. There will always be some demolition and disassembling required. If you are going to use any electrical outlets, plumbing or any of those dangerous materials, you have to make sure that they are turned off. It is better to be safe than get electrocuted. Water may not be lethal but it can sure cause a lot of headaches and a big mess.

  10. Renovation for Your Home Office

    Renovation for Your Home OfficeWhen considering renovation for your home office, you should consider these four important home office factors: efficiency, comfort, color, and beauty.

  11. Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom RenovationsDoing a bathroom renovation all by yourself can be quite daunting for any man or woman. It takes knowledge of the right materials, renovation know how and a lot of careful planning.

  12. Planning for Your Home Renovation

    Planning for Your Home RenovationFor your renovation needs, it is very important that you learn to prioritize. There will be more important renovation requirements in certain areas while in some, it could be postponed. Prioritizing would be really helpful as it will be easy to carry out renovations for your home.

  13. Renovation for Your Country Cottage

    Renovation for Your Country CottageYou need to plan out the construction and renovation of your cottage. As with any renovation, it requires special attention to details. Primarily, you need to identify your objective for the renovation or the end product the you wish to achieve. For instance, do you still wish the cottage to be a summer rest home? Or would you like to renovate it into a winter cottage? Maybe you might want the renovation to be aligned with your goals of making it into a cottage rental, retirement home, hunting cabin or guest house.

  14. Urgent Need for Home Renovation Singapore

    Urgent Need for Home Renovation SingaporeRenovation in Singapore entails proper planning. You should consider all the components and angles that you need to renovate and spend on. If space is your problem, then you should not focus all your efforts and budget on the wall and floor design. If the design is your problem, then you should not shell out so much money on expanding your office space or making numerous extensions in your abode or even building a bigger garage.

  15. The Art of Renovation

    The Art of RenovationRenovation is the art of bringing something such as a building back to a former better state by means of repairs, redecoration, or remodeling. It may also mean giving a new vigor to somebody or something. Renovation is one way of relieving stress for some people; it’s a way of refreshing their minds and rekindling their spirits.

  16. Renovation in Singapore

    Renovation in SingaporeSingapore has unceasingly been called one of the best places to stay in Asia, particularly in Southeast Asia. It is extraordinary in its own ways and therefore, known as unique Singapore.

  17. Points To Consider When Going For a Renovation Project

    Points To Consider When Going For a Renovation ProjectRenovation project more often than not involves years of saving and planning. It is critical that you as the homeowner will allot some time in learning the tips that will ensure that your dream renovation project will go smoothly.

  18. Renovate Your Home with Your Own Style

    Renovate Your Home with Your Own StylePerforming renovation on your home is a challenging job. You can put on decorations that suit your taste and that will make a statement about you to anyone who visits your home. How you ornament your home will give an impression of what type of person you are.

  19. Bedroom and Bathroom Renovation Ideas

    Bedroom and Bathroom Renovation IdeasThere is a mountain of renovation ideas than you can apply. It is critical that you have yourself informed of these ideas so that you will be able to maximize your home renovation plans and come up with various design choices and ultimately choose the best one that fits your preference.

  20. Fundamentals of Home Design

    Fundamentals of Home DesignHome interior design is not a new thing in Singapore. Because of the culture of buy and sell of homes either to upgrade or downgrade, a lot of people are doing redesigning or popularly known as "renovation" from time to time.

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