The Hottest Shades to Colour Your Home

The latter part of the year 2009 promises the advent of fresh, vibrant colors that would make interior decorating and renovating a better, more exciting experience.

Although shunned away in the past by most home renovators, purple is now in the limelight. Associated with luxury, opulence and royalty, purple still make the same bold statement when paired with metallic fabrics. Over time, purple has moved from being a little girls’ room staple to one that is favoured by sophisticated adults.

Another color that used to be reserved for little girls’ rooms is pink. Pink always has and always will exude warm elegance. Pairing a soft pastel pink with a bolder shade creates a whole new depth and contrast to a room. Meanwhile pairing it with metallic shades stirs an eclectic, urban feel.

One of the colours that made a bold comeback is green – soft, mild green. With the environmental trends and concerns that have recently risen, green shades are now starting to pull ahead of the pack.

These mild, effeminate colours are definitely making a splash. The latter part of 2009 looks bright and bubbly. 2010’s interior decorating color trends may follow suit.

Renovating Your Home: House Plan Considerations

Your house plan must meet your lifestyle and needs. Although seeking the perfect house plan for your new home may seem time consuming, it is actually a bit easier of you know what you are looking for. When choosing your house plan, it is essential to consider your total square footage, natural landscape and whether it will be marketable to future buyers if you ever sell that house in the future.

3 Key house plan considerations:

  1. Needs and Lifestyle

    We all have different needs and lifestyle. Features that childless couples look for in a house plan may differ from those of big families. Not only that, you have to consider what you want to do with your home in the future. For example, do you plan to start a family? Do you intend to have many children? It is important for you to study your house plan and give a lot of thought into it.

  2. Privacy

    Most new owners prefer house plans for their new home with more privacy in their bedroom and in the living area, while others might need privacy in a home office space. If privacy is very important for you, then you should give careful consideration on the window placement and design.

  3. Furnishings and aesthetics

    Plan carefully your seating areas, furniture placement and furniture choice. Make sure there is a consistency in all your designs. Also, to be sure, measure your current furniture if there will be enough walking space, vertical room so as not to block windows, clearance for the doors to swing, etc. Furthermore, you need to review how natural lighting can be shared and utilized within your home.

Designing for Your Home: Go Sustainable

The trend nowadays is to choose sustainable designs that meet our present demands while adhering to the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability. The goal of choosing sustainable designs is to minimize adverse effects to the environment and in turn, reducing health damage to the people utilizing these furniture.

Here are a few pointers for going for a more sustainable home:

  1. Select The Right Materials. You should be aware of what type of wood, plastic or metal is used in the home furniture you have set your sights on.

  2. Durability, Safety and Functionality. Check the expected lifespan, the sturdiness and the safety of the product you plan to buy. Make sure that for any home renovation furnishings you use, you get real value for your money.

  3. Recyclable Materials. Having items that are made of recyclable materials will be easy on the environment.

  4. Health Effects. A lot of items can cause indoor pollution. Carpets can accumulate dust, while wall, ceilings and doors can produce toxic fumes. Choose items that can promote better indoor air quality.

  5. Choose Energy Efficient Appliances. Choose home appliances that are energy efficient – to save the planet, as well as to be easy on your pockets.

  6. Buy From Eco Friendly Manufacturers. You can sleep better at night if the home renovation furniture and furnishings are bought from manufacturers that do not contribute to deforestation and environment degradation.