Black N White House

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Modern Fusion

House Type 4 Bedroom Condominium
Design Concept Modern Elegant
Area Size 1,200 sqft
Renovation Cost N/A
Renovation Duration N/A


This 4-bedroom home boasts of a classic, bright modern interior while infusing elements that cater to the needs of the individual members to form a cosy and homey touch. In line with the contemporary atmosphere that the homeowners wanted, the designer fused grey and white elements and added splashes of dark tones to create artistic balance.

Each bedroom cleverly reflects the personalities of its dwellers. Dark, bold shades are used to accentuate the more masculine bedrooms, while subtle hues denote female occupancy. The children's bedroom allows for enough space to serve as the kids' play area. The common facet among all these bedrooms is the use of patterns and generous splashes of color.


  • The beige sofa is large enough to snugly accommodate all the family members as they spend quality time watching TV.
  • Largely contemporary, the living area exudes homey warmth that would immediately put guests at ease.
  • The designer plays with a bold red shade and wall patterns to offset the starkness of the gray hues.
  • The strategically-placed entertainment centre allows the owners to enjoy their favourite shows at the comfort of their own bed.
  • Here, femininity is the design premise. Bay windows allow the owner of this room to bask in sunshine as she reads her fave book.
  • The kids' bedroom is kept tidy and minimally-furnished, giving the children enough space to play.