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Tranquil Majesty

House Type 2 Bedrooms Condominium
Design Concept Modern
Area Size 1,100 sqft
Renovation Cost S$34,000
Renovation Duration 1 month


The design concept behind this home was to create a lavish home with a warm atmosphere. The whole house is decorated in rich mahogany and wine tones, creating a welcoming atmosphere which softens the posh feel of the house. The living room is furnished with a large, brown sofa which takes up the majority of the area. In the centre of the living room, a thick rug is placed belong the coffee table to keep the atmosphere soft and soothing. Overhead, a muted, fairy lights chandelier adds a beautiful glow to the home. The dining area features a built in sofa to act as the seats for the dining table. On top of the dining table, an elaborate chandelier surrounded by burgundy cloth brings harmony to the whole dining area.


  • Unique feture all with art display and sleek lamps give the room an elegant, grandiose feel.
  • The opulence of the living room is accented by the plush carpet, grand sofa, soft drapes and beautiful chandelier.
  • The dining area's sofa seats is majestic and baroque, while the elaborate chandelier reinforces the splashy appeal.
  • The use of clear glass dining table, mirrors and soft lightings opens up the dinning area.
  • The bold red cabinates and the immaculate white countertops is modern and functional.