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Plush Exquisiteness

House Type Showroom
Design Concept Modern
Area Size 1,000 sqft
Renovation Cost S$55,000
Renovation Duration 3 weeks


This home has a modern, luxurious feel to it which is perfect for the discerning client. A thoroughly modern home which uses a great contrast of materials and styles, this eclectic tone can be seen throughout the home. The living area is decked out with black and white furniture, soft and rich sofas, a thick rug and beautiful paintings to create a contemporary space. The dining area features an elegant dining table with elaborate upholstered chairs. An intricate, contained chandelier hangs above the dining table, making dining into a fancy affair. The different rooms are furnished in different themes to suit the needs of different members of the family. This home is perfect for clients who enjoys a lavish lifestyle but does not want to compromise on comfort.


  • The living room is an eclectic fusion of old decadence and modern designs. The ornate lamp adds zest to the room.
  • Soothing lights offer a laid-back atmosphere, while the black and white frameless painting liberates the bareness of the white wall.
  • The ornate baroque chandelier is an interesting focal point of the dining room.
  • The bedroom is plush and cosy with the use of rich colors and different textured finishing.
  • The open-concept bath room is sensual and functional.
  • The apple green shades of the little tykes' bedroom is juvenile and delightful.