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Rustic Contemporary

House Type 4 room new flat, Punggol Sapphire
Design Concept Rustic Contemporary
Area Size -
Renovation Cost $45k
Renovation Duration 2 months


The use of white colour and wooden theme gives this home a rustic contemporary feel. Full length mirrors and see through glass panels serve as multi-functional designs bringing added class and elegance to the home.


  • The television is mounted on a swivel panel which not only acts as a partition to separate the living room from the dining area but also allows you to watch your favourite tv programs while having your meals.
  • This see through glass panel with blinds built into the wall is yet another example of a multi-functional design incorporated by the designers.
  • Cleaning off grease and grime is a breeze with these full length glass sliding doors which separates the kitchen from the rest of the house.
  • A full length mirror wall installed in the living room makes the home look larger and also reflects light giving the living room a calm and relaxing ambient lighting.
  • A black and metal theme brings a touch of class and elegance to the kitchen. A full length glass window allows light to shine through further brightening up this kitchen.
  • Wooden blinds and flooring creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere in this bedroom. A full length mirror is also mounted on the wardrobe sliding door to save space and create an illusion of added space to the room.
  • Innovation at its best is evident with this pull out drawer which serves as a bedside table without needing the usage of extra floor space.