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A Tale of Gray Seduction

House Type Condominium
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 2500 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$90,000
Renovation Duration 8 Weeks


An eclectic fusion of modernity, refinement and innovation, this picturesque condominium unit is a quiet respite from the hurly burly of the urban jungle. Its interior has stunning design elements that make it modern and fresh, yet classic and sophisticated. The cushioned feature wall commands the living area. Accentuating its grandeur are the plush two-tone sofa, endearing floor carpeting and fabulously-designed black lamp. Staying true to its polished motif, the wall ceiling lights are soft and subdued and the walls are kept neutral. The homeowners relish the idea that the living room opens up to a sophisticated urbane balcony, giving them a tranquil spot to lounge around in while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city.

Gray is the ubiquitous theme throughout the house. But the end result is anything but drab. In the dining area, gray walls which frame wall-to-ceiling mirrors is superbly complemented by a plush gray rug and accentuated by the fascinating overhead lamp. Despite its remarkable elegance, the dining room has not lost its cosy touch. One could easily picture out the homeowners enjoying warm conversations over hearty meals around the dining table. Like the living area, the dining room opens up into a balcony, creating an open-air ambience across the common areas.

The master’s bedroom is a pleasant paradox. Its motif, furniture and textures are perceptibly contemporary, yet it has a distinct old-worldly charm about it. The rest of the house’s bedrooms are cleverly played out in various shades of gray, made distinct by infusing design elements that embody the respective dweller’s interests and personalities.


  • A relatively smaller coffee table is used in the living area to open up the space further.
  • The dining room is enhanced with a series of large floor-to-ceiling mirrors that doubles its size.
  • Adding an element of warmth to the master’s bedroom is the thick luxurious rug and sheer draperies.
  • Natural wood flooring dressed up with textured walls creates an ultra-modern, edgy air.
  • The designers took into account the dweller’s inclinations & incorporated his hobby into the room design.
  • White cushioned walls provide an interesting contrast to the room’s dark theme.