Koncept Living

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Modern Classic

House Type 2 Storey Semi-D
Design Concept Simplicity
Area Size 1,900 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$45,000
Renovation Duration 8 Weeks


This home design opts for minimal but classic, strong furnishing and décor with nothing over complicated, fancy or cluttering, which lends the interior an open and spacious feel and a vibe of quiet grandeur and elegance. This is evident in the living room area, where a wide, spacious concept is preserved, accented by bold colour choices of a black wall and strategically-placed modern, statement pieces for furnishings such as the dining table, lighting and hanging television console. The use of metal and artsy striped fabrics for the dining area, acrylic for the lighting, sheer curtains in a deep hue all create texture and add a stylish contemporary vibe to space. The kitchen area is well-illuminated and equally spacious, with a classic colour theme of silver, black, white and brown with simple, modern lines and a sleek appearance. The bedroom is consistent with the emphasis on space, featuring a simple minimal layout which is mainly just the bed and a raised television console with hardly other furnishings. The use of simple details – a strong colour like red, a single hanging art piece with a strong image above the bed, illuminated bedside tables – go a long way to add personality and style to the bedroom without being too fussy. The result is a perfect blend of romance, style and modernity while retaining a sense of cosiness and comfort at the same time.


  • A sense of spaciousness and statement furnishings create a modern and elegant interior.
  • The kitchen features a clean, minimal colour theme and layout.
  • An equally spacious work area with simple, sleek lines and well-designed illumination.
  • Contemporary style dining space that is modern and stylish
  • Even with minimal furnishings, the use of bold, strong colours, art pieces and furnishings go a long way to define the space without being fussy or complicated.