Koncept Living

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Urban Retreat

House Type HDB
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 1,350 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$48,000
Renovation Duration 5 weeks


With a refreshing and clean vibe that exudes an understated elegance while retaining a sense of calm and cosiness, this is the perfect home to relax and unwind from the daily bustle of city life. Adhering to a modern yet unfussy design and colour theme of black, white and neutrals, the use of glass, mirrors and glossy textures against wood gives a sleek finish while the lighting and furnishings add a dash of warmth and colour to the mix. Areas of entertainment and relaxation like the living and dining spaces are given and injection of warmth with reds, browns and yellows. The living room area is especially cosy with an interesting touch of modern furniture and art pieces. The dining area is given a tropical flair and luxurious elegance with appropriate use of décor, lighting and plants. The kitchen and bathroom are kept simple, clean and classy, with emphasis on comfort and ease of use. A well-balanced home that is the perfect space for comfort without compromising on style.


  • The kitchen is a clean, classy and functional workspace.
  • Well-used lighting, décor and plants give the dining area a tropical flair and luxurious elegance.
  • Modern yet cosy – the living area exudes warmth with an interesting touch.
  • The bathroom is sleek, clean and bright ensuring ultimate comfort and ease of use.