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Boutique Style

House Type HDB 5 room
Design Concept Boutique Style
Area Size 1,200 sq ft
Renovation Cost S$60,000
Renovation Duration 8 weeks


A captivating eclectic showcase, this beautiful home features a breath-taking fusion of styles and richness in flavour and colours. Beginning from the guestroom, we see a distinct Eastern influence with the traditional Chinese-style lanterns which gives a rich, warm vibe to the room, together with the velvet day bed with cushions in rich colours and varying textures. The rest of the home is a mix of old-world English and Victorian elements which seamlessly blends with sleek modernity. From a black and white colour theme in the kitchen, to a gold, brown and black colour theme in the living area, there is never a dull moment as these areas are brought to life with florals, stripes, textures, crystal lightings and interesting touches of décor and furnishings. The bedroom is a cosy and romantic haven with Victorian inspired décor such as the lace-covered lamp and a luxurious use of textures and colours like rich reds, plums and purples. The walk-in wardrobe lives with up to the grandeur of the rest the home, being an impressive showcase in itself, with clear glass panels, wooden shelves, drawers, display units and mirrors perfectly organising and displaying clothes, accessories, bags and more, almost with the professionalism of a boutique. Visitors to the house will be enthralled and entertained. This is truly the statement home for the bold and fashionable.


  • A luxurious and elegant living area with a rich colour theme of gold, brown and black complete with gorgeous florals.
  • The guestroom has a distinct East-Asian influence with Chinese-style lanterns and rich colours and textures.
  • Sleek in black and white with an interesting touch of Victorian-inspired décor, stripes and crystal lighting.
  • The bedroom area is a romantic and cosy haven with gorgeous textures and colour theme of rich reds, plums and purples.
  • Modern and stylish bathroom with a resort vibe.
  • An impressive walk-in wardrobe which perfectly organises and showcases with an boutique-style professionalism.

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