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Chic Elegance

House Type Condominium
Design Concept Chic Elegance
Area Size 1600 sqft
Renovation Cost $80,000.00
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


Sleek & Classy

When we think of black and white, we often think of dull and boring. But this is certainly not the case for Spire ID's design for this home. This home's design redifines the immaculateness and pristine of white coupled along with the classiness and mysteriousness of black.

Modern contemporary desgined furniture is being used along with straight lined designs to create a sleek and classy feel. An abundance of mirrors and reflective surfaces brightens up the living room and dining area, giving them a warm and cozy feel admist the sleek and classiness.

The bedrooms and study room tells a totally different story. Using wooden flooring and earth toned colours, a calm and relaxing ambience is created, thus relaxing the mind and body.


  • Floor to ceiling mirrors are used to visually expand the dining area, giving it a much more spacious feel.
  • The sofa provides a relaxing santuary in this clean and neatly designed study room.
  • A well placed painting and rug and blends in and matches perfectly with the feature wall and furnitures of this living room.
  • The designers play with lightings is clearly evident, from the spot lights to the warm lightings beneath the bed, bringing a whole new dimension to this bedroom.