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The Arte

House Type Condominium
Design Concept Modern Electicism
Area Size 1900 sqft
Renovation Cost $35K
Renovation Duration N.A


The homeowners of this spacious abode wanted to create a space which artfully displays their tastes and tasteful personalities. The designer worked around this and created a modern classic home which offers subtle peeks into the owners\' distinct tastes.

Strong lines and neutral colours characterize the living room . The use of pristine marble flooring combined with the plush sofa gives an undeniable luxurious feel to the space. The designer stays away from the use of overwhelming texture and instead, capitalizes on the simple elegance of the area. The long and narrow hallway leads to a multitude of bedrooms, each with distinct designs and created with breathtaking elegance.

Simple sophistication, however, is the bedrooms\' common denominator. Classic lines, light hues and wallpapers with safe shades and patterns are used. The master bedroom uses floral wallpaper in a deep shade of burgundy. To make the space seem bigger, glass partitions are used to delineate the bathroom and bedroom. The children\'s bedroom is bright and sunny, just the perfect hideaway for the little tykes.


  • Elegance manifests itself in the most simple things. Note the ethereal effect of white on white.
  • This ingenious center table is a great conversation piece.
  • A large wall mirror visually enhances space and magnifies the brightness of the room.
  • A classic black piano is tastefully placed against the wall for easy access.
  • The long narrow hallways is kept clean and uncluttered.
  • Placing the study right beside the window is a smart energy-saving move.
  • The focal point of the master bedroom is the rich floral wallpaper in deep burgundy.
  • A transparent panel separates the master bedroom from the bath.
  • Large windows are perfect for keeping a relaxing, sunny ambience for the bedroom.
  • To keep the area free of clutter, glossy cabinets are artistically used.
  • The children's bedroom is a plethora of child-like cheeriness.
  • Soft floral bedspread, bright lighting and a display of the children\'s favorite toys complete the room.