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Light and Breezy

House Type Town House
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 3000 sq.ft.
Renovation Cost S$90,000.00
Renovation Duration 8 Weeks


Cosiness does not need expansive space, nor does it need really plush furnishings. Cosiness is in the play of the lights, in the arrangements of the furniture and in the play of colours. This lovely home is the busy homeowners' solace so the feel needed to be just right.

The living room embodies abstract designs and a vast spectrum of genres. A dark wooden laminate centre table, a plush L-shaped sofa, wooden blinds and heavy drapes blend wonderfully together to create an identity uniquely its own. The designers opted for a classic dark wooden table instead of the usual wall-mounted TV consoles used in most designs today.

A dark wooden dining table and chairs are used in the dining room, creating a continuous flow of designs. A large wall mirror encapsulates most of the wall, which successfully creates the illusion of a bigger space. The red lamp adds a bold statement.

Due to the limited floor area, the designers opted for a spiral staircase, which is both artistic and functional. To add drama, the homeowners' favorite artworks and knick knacks were added near the foot of the stairs.


  • The living area is a cosy haven, large enough for the family to relax and unwind in.
  • Large doors open up the room, adding light and breeze.
  • Mirrors are strategically placed to expand the room.
  • The spiral staircase is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also an ideal fixture for a small space.
  • Nothing is better at letting natural lighting in than large doors-cum-windows.


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