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Exquisite Functionality

House Type Bungalow
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 4000 sqft (Built-in)
Renovation Cost S$800,000
Renovation Duration 9 Months


In this 372-square-metre house, space is optimized to create a multi-functional home. In the living room, a full-height wall serves not only as a partition but also as a display niche and a storage cabinet. Another example of their multi-functional style is a wall mirror which serves to not only give the appearance of space and openness, but also works as a foil to a large painting. In this beautiful home, resources are stretched to provide both practicality and pleasure.


  • Full-length sliding doors give the home an open, welcoming appearance.
  • Cove lighting along the walkways and living room serves as a soft guide along the home.
  • The efficient and pragmatic kitchen has a sensible swing door to allow convenient passage between the dry and wet kitchens.
  • The modern black tone-on-tone print papered wall serves as a subtle backdrop for the comfortable furniture.
  • The black mosaic tiles add textured detail without overwhelming the simple toilet.
  • The open roof deck surrounded by a low boundary of clear frameless glass and plants provide a soothing resort-like atmosphere.

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