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Renovating your HDB: Singapore HDB renovation rules

Singapore HDB renovation rules, HDB rules

Many people in Singapore live in houses which are governed by the Housing and development board. This means that if they want to make some changes in their homes, it is necessary for them to obtain permit from HDB. If they don’t get the permit and still carry out the renovations they can be fined up to five thousand dollars.

In Singapore most of the renovations are carried out by HDB registered renovation contractors. The advantages of working with the RRC contractor is that they are professional and comply with the rules and regulations of the HDB. Singapore HDB tells you the things to keep in mind and also the do’s and don’ts while renovating your house or flat.
The most important factor of HDB in Singapore is the time duration in which the renovations must be completed. It strictly implements the time rules. The general work must be done between 8:00 am to 6:00pm. The work which makes a lot of noise like drilling must be done on the weekdays between 9:00 am to 6:00pm. Noisy renovations will not be carried out on weekends and public holidays. The renovations for the existing blocks and old flats must be finished within 1 month, whereas, for recently finished blocks and flats must be finished within 4 months.

Their contract also contains a rule to notify the neighbors. Some renovations require machines which make a lot of noise, so it is important to forewarn your neighbors about it as it can be very disturbing for them. It is also advisable to tell them the time duration of the renovation so that they can adjust their life as well as work according to them. If not, then people will raise complaints which will be a great inconvenience to you and your contractor.
If the renovation is taking place in a community where children play, the HDB also secure the area. This means that your house is well protected as well as it ensures the safety of others. This will also enhance your privacy. During renovation the contractor is allowed to use only two HDB approved power tools or their equivalent.

Checking the legality of the contractor is very important. Customers are usually shy about asking, keep in mind that doing business with an unauthorized company is a crime as well. if you are selecting a company then there are many other things which you need to check, other than just the Singapore HDB renovation rule. You need to have an overview of the company and the remarks of their other customers. You can find the remarks on contractor forums.
Do not entirely believe what you read on the official website of a contractor. No company exposes their weak links; the forums however, allow you to be enlightened with the negative aspects of a company. Keep your budget in mind and all the above mentioned point. This way you would find yourself dealing with the most suitable contractor.

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