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Points To Note

  • 1

    Deciding on a Plan

    You should have an idea of how you would like the design of your house to be. Having the layout plan of your house would be beneficial in your planning.
  • 2

    Budget Concern

    Research on how much it would roughly cost you for your ideal reforms. You may refer to past projects featured on iCompare. With this knowledge, decide on a praticle budget.
  • 3

    Compare and Choose

    Pick a few interior design companies that best match your needs for comparison. You can easily choose from iCompare's recommendation.
  • 4

    Meet the Companies

    Find out more about your choosen companies and make sure they totally understand your needs. Ask them questions and meet them to discuss in detail. Provide them with as much information as possible.
  • 5

    Decide on a company

    After meeting with several interior design companies, compare their pros and cons and then decide on a company that design style and costs best suits your needs.
  • 6

    Sign the contract

    Before signing the contract with your chosen interior design company, ensure that you check every details, and understand their T&C totally. Should you like to make any changes, do so before signing.
  • 7

    Start the remodelling

    Make sure that you check the progress of the work constantly to maintain quality work and to avoid big mistakes which might be too late to amend.
  • 8

    Collect your house

    Check thoroughly before accepting the hand-over from your designer. Ensure that everything is as per your requirement. Find out who to contact during the warranty period and enjoy your newly designed home!

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