Book Review - Michael Taylor Interior Design

Who is Michael Taylor and why is famous enough to have a book made years after his death?  Michael Taylor Interior Design reveals everything you need to know about Michael Taylor’s design and how he made a splash in the ‘70s and ‘80s for the Bay Area elite.

Michael Taylor deserves credit for that California look, projecting airy, casual flair that is characterized by over-sized white sofas, artistic objects and sheepskin rugs.

Author Stephen M. Salny reveals that Taylor’s big heart, brilliance and love of design brought on a horde of elite, tasteful clients such as Maryon Davies Lewis, the daughter of Ralph and Louise M. Davies, whose name graces San Francisco’s Davies Symphony Hall.  Taylor also designed the interior of San Franciscos fine restaurants such as L’Etoile and Fleur de Lys.

To date, Taylor’s designs remain current.  His choice of colors such as apple green, chocolate and cream and patterns such as tapestries and zebra prints still prevail as of today.