Renovation for Your Country Cottage

Your country cottage is your rest house, your solace, and your most favourite vacation spot.  Even if you are not always in the cottage, you still need to do regular renovations not just for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality reasons as well.

You need to plan out the construction and renovation of your cottage.  As with any renovation, it requires special attention to details.  Primarily, you need to identify your objective for the renovation or the end product the you wish to achieve.  For instance, do you still wish the cottage to be a summer rest home?  Or would you like to renovate it into a winter cottage?  Maybe you might want the renovation to be aligned with your goals of making it into a cottage rental, retirement home, hunting cabin or guest house.  After you have identified the main purpose, you may now move on to the more tedious phase of renovation.

Whatever your main purpose is, you have to understand that a cottage is not a cottage unless it is cosy, quaint and with a hint of country charm.  It should also be open and friendly.  Here are a few renovation tricks for your cottage that could make a lot of difference:

Instead of using up a lot of kitchen space, you can opt to go for a two-legged table that is on hinges that folds down from the wall.  This would make a perfect small space kitchen table or as an extra table space for adding in foods for guests when entertaining.  This would not take a lot of renovation work.  Maybe a few carpentry work here in there will do the trick.

You can also maximize space in your cottage by having renovation for your ceiling.  You can open up your ceiling to the underside of the rafters, and add skylights. A stenciled ivy pattern weaving up along the wall to the skylights will soften the effect. This however, would take longer renovation time as it is more complicated.  But the end results are fantastic.  Renovation for your cottage just takes a lot of imagination and ingenuity.