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Fastest Way of Hiring a Part Time Maid or HouseKeepers in Singapore

There are a number of means on how to find and hire a part time maid in Singapore.


Engaging a part time maid in Singapore through an agent is a popular practice. Basically, if you are living in a condominium, they would know certain agents who have contacts of housekeepers. You just need to meet up with them and for sure they can introduce to you good and hard working maids. You can give your requirements to them such as how many hours you want your part time maid to work for you, what days and what time. The agent fee is quiet fair and it is just one time. The mode of payments with your part time maid will be according to your arrangements.


Now if you cannot go directly to an agent you can pick out from different maid agencies. The steps are fundamentally synonymous when you come right away to an agent, but usually the processing fee for the hiring process would be a bit higher.

Online Promotions

It is quiet new in Singapore but there are available comparison sites now in Singapore where you can compare the various maid agencies, look at their prices and avail of their promotions. The handiest among these is iCompare Part Time Maid Singapore site. In this site several maid agencies are listed. They normally give discounts for first time appointments. It is a very convenient site specially if you are very busy and you have no extra time to meet with an agent. Just make your appointment online and they will send a part time maid right at your door step.