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What You Can Ask Your Part Time Maid to Do

After finding the right part time maid from a certain part time maid agency, many people normally do not know what exactly to ask of their part time maids.  Well for one, as they are only part time maids, never ask them to baby sit and look after your kids.  There is a huge difference between a babysitter or nanny and a part time maid.

A part time maid is not specially trained to handle kids, so leave the kid watching to professional nannies.  A part time maid, on the other hand, is trained to do housework.  So here are some of the things you can ask your part time maid to do:

1.    Laundry.  You can ask your part time maid to do the laundry.  This means that she can load all your dirty clothes and linens into the washing machine and hang up the clothing and linens as well.

2.    Scrubbing the toilet and kitchen.  You can ask your part time maid to clean the sinks, bathroom and toilet.  Of course, you have to provide her with all the necessary cleaning tools to get the job done.

3.    Dusting the furniture, sweeping the floor and mopping.  Cleaning the house is what a part time maid specializes in.  It is perfectly alright to ask her to dust the furniture, sweep the floor and mop the tiles.  You can also ask her to vacuum the entire house.

4.    Pressing or ironing clothes.  You can ask your part time maid to press your clothes after she has taken out of the dryer.  Pressing clothes would mean that she has to fold them and place them in a hanger as well.

5.    Dishwashing.  Unless you run a restaurant, it is okay to ask your part time maid to wash the dishes too.