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Tips for a Successful House Moving in Singapore


Whether you are a local or an expatriate, moving from one condo unit or HDB unit is a very typical thing in Singapore. The reason for such unit transfer varies. One of the common reasons for locals could be for upgrading or sometimes downgrading. For expatriates on the other hand it could simply be just moving from one rental unit to another.

Whatever the reason is, the bottom line is, “HOUSE MOVING” is a no simple thing in Singapore. With the high rise units in this country, people who plan to do house moving are surely facing insurmountable amount of stress. With the proper planning and know-how for house moving however, you can reduce this amount of stress and just focus yourself on the excitement of having a new place to rest and relax.

Create a Simple Schedule

Start by creating a simple schedule when you will be packing your things. Begin with the items that are less important, those that you are not using on a daily basis with the most important ones to be the last to be packed.

Get Rid of Old Items

With the years of staying in a flat, surely you have collected items which are really of no longer of use to you. You can either sell them to the nearest stores such as “Cash Converter” or you may want to give a call to Salvation Army and donate your old items to them so other people can benefit from them.

Segregate Your Items In Boxes

Make sure that you are labeling the boxes where you are putting your items.  Segregate the items for Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bed room etc. This will be a big help for you later on. As most likely you will forget which is which once all boxes were put together. Also this will help the Movers you will hire to determine where to put each box once they deliver them to your new unit saving you a lot of time.

Choose the Right House Movers

There are a lot of Movers in Singapore. As many as they are, you still have to be very careful in choosing the best one. You may want to do your research first and compare what are the rates they have as well as the extent of service they can provide during the entire process of house moving.