Home Interior Design with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art of the Chinese of the way of balancing the good and the bad, the yin and yang. It is the means of manipulating the environment to produce what is and what can improve one’s health and wealth of what is favourable or not.

The gives us basic tips to follow on Feng Shui home interior design to improve good influx of good energy (Chi). First is to clear everything leading to the door entrance and do not leave anything such as shoes in the doorway as it will block the good Chi to enter. Another is to place Fu Dogs in front of your doors to guard the house and business. Instead of using cactus to be placed outside the house, use round leafed plants, wind chimes and crystals as they are auspicious and helps bring good Chi. As when you have thorny plants, cactus and spiky plants, leave them outside.

When you have a door or an open window in the home interior design that is parallel to another door or an open window at the rear of your house, place a division between to prevent the flow of good Chi from entering and leaving directly. Provide good lighting on dark corners or areas of the house since they’ll trap good Chi and prevent it from circulating around the house. An aquarium is a good idea for your home. Good Chi is attracted to water, thus placing it in front of your door will invite more! Some places can also be good such as placing it on the south east for wealth, south west for marriage, east for marriage, west for friends, north for career, and north east for education.

As with other common home interior design, the kitchen is placed at the back of the house. It should not be directly below a bathroom nor is it in front and the centre of the house. In cooking using an open flame, it is best to do it outside. Never place the cooking stove directly in front of a refrigerator, water dispenser, or a washing machine as it can create conflict (as fire and water don’t mix). Open daily the windows and let the sunshine and fresh air enter for it can invite good Chi for closed areas can have a bad circulation. Fresh air can aid us in a healthy lifestyle. Don’t place mirrors in front of your bed or any place that can reflect your bed, it is bad luck. It is also bad luck to have tables, chairs and beds with a beam hanging over. Never place staircase directly in front of the door entrance as it can direct the flow of good Chi directly upstairs. Use rounded objects more frequently against sharp edges as it encourages good flow of energy.

Feng Shui has been a prevalent element in oriental home interior design. It has been used for ages although it has not been long used as a popular home interior design to the masses.