Discover Your Unique Interior Design Style

There are those lucky few who had the privilege to oversee how their homes were built from the ground up.  But for those of us who were not as lucky, more often than not, we got stuck living within another person’s idea of interior design and decoration.  You may have bought a home with the daisy wallpapers in the kitchen, or a living room with burgundy walls.  You may constantly have the desire to tear off that wallpaper or paint a red paint over it. 

With these circumstances, the best option would be to permit your own interior design preferences and interior design creativity to find that perfect expression.  However, it is not easy to find your own interior design style.

One way to find it is to turn yourself into a sponge and basically absorb everything design concept you come into contact with even such a design does not seem relevant for the time being.  You can also pore through numerous design magazines, interior design books and shops to find inspiration. 

The truth is that there is very little in modern interior design that is completely new.  Most styles and evolutions in interior design are merely amalgamations, adjustments and improvements on previous designs and trends.  Take for example the streamlined, polished look that is prevalent in most homes today.  This interior design actually began way back in the year 1930.  It is not advisable to copy the works of other interior designers as it is fruitless and empty, but rather, you can draw inspiration from the sights and sounds of your environment to create the style that suits you best.

The more you explore and consciously absorb all the things that inspire you, the more confident you will become with your own style preferences.  Always stay open to new influences in interior design.  Keep your eyes and ears open.