Carpets: Finishing Touch to Home Design

Nowadays, people are extending their pockets to convert their homes to an energy-efficient edifice. Green homes can save money and our environment. With the advent of energy-efficient appliances, what else can be done?


While we are busy concerned on what to purchase and what to do to conserve energy, we have overlooked an essential yet minute thing that can significantly contribute to our dilemma. Every day we have stepped on our floorings not minding at all its benefits. Many of us have no idea that floorings can provide insulation as it is mostly for convenience and aesthetics. It has a variety of wide flooring ranges, from laminates to ceramic tiles. Although, a different kind of flooring, carpets provide insulation. Establishing a wall-to-wall carpet home design keeps our homes warmer during winter and cooler by summer. Yes, it is cozy and warm.


According to, researchers from the Johns Manville Technical Center Thermal Labs tested the carpets with or without cushions to compare with common types of flooring – laminate, ceramic tile and engineered hardwood. The result provided that carpets are 17 times better than hard surface merchandise when it comes to its comfort and insulation in home design.


The test signified an increased R-value (the measure of thermal resistance) compared to the other flooring materials presented. The higher R-value, the better a material resists heat transfer. Thus, carpets are better for insulating residential home designs as well as commercial establishments in creating a feel-at-home vibe while promoting energy-efficiency.


Home design with carpets benefit not only to its energy-efficiency attribute but it can also create a feeling of ease and safety with comfortable living and a quieter notion with its sound dampening quality used in sound proof spaces, keeping you at home despite your neighbor’s hoarse karaoke nights.