Renovation: Facelift Techniques For Your Home

No matter how small and old your house is, living in a comfortable and stylish home is achievable by applying certain renovation techniques.  Below are some techniques that you can try on:

1.       Choose light colored paints over dark ones.

Dark paints and deep hues make your house looks smaller than it actually is.  Colors such as off-whites and earth tones are advisable. For the ceiling white is always a good choice, avoid white that is often a little bluish though.


2.        Let the sun light in.

Light is a very important factor for the improvement of your space.  If you are using heavy curtains or dark shades, please remove them and replace them with light ones that will allow enough sun light to enter your room. Light is good for your health, it decrease laziness and depression.  Natural light also makes your space look cleaner.  


Another way to improve the light in your space is to add light fixtures. For small houses, it is a smart step to add lights accordingly for different purposes since rooms perform multiple functions.


3.       Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a good addition to small spaces. They add virtual space and make a simple space alive.

4.       Choose furniture.

For a small house, big furniture are not welcome, just keep the basic ones. Choose those that are light colored. As much as possible avoid those that are ornate, heavy and dark stained furniture.


5.       Decorate your walls.

Add one good piece of art in your wall. You don’t have to spend too much on this, especially if you are on a budget renovation.  You can find good paintings in local shops at a very cheap price, you just have to search.


Having good art in your home brings good ambiance to your space. It gives you good feeling and reflects vibrancy, joy, and color.