Speedy Renovation for Your Home

We all know the importance of great planning – in all aspects of our lives.  Thus, we cannot ignore the significance of preparation when it comes to our homes – in interior design and in renovation.  When it comes to home renovation, it is important to be prepared and to oversee each detail in your design plans before you begin construction.  This detailed renovation planning involves the following:

  1. Lodge all the necessary renovation permits to specific authorities. 
  2. You must secure financing fully before beginning your renovation.  You must allocate an emergency fund which is one-third of your total renovation budget – just in case some problems arise during the renovation process. 
  3. For your renovation materials, it is advisable to order them in advance so that you will be readily available when you start your renovation. 
  4. As time is of utmost importance when it comes to renovation, you should also take note that additions can be particularly time-consuming.  Avoid additions as much as possible, especially the ones that require a foundation.
  5.  In time constrained renovations, avoid taking down walls, avoid relocating plumbing fixtures, gas fixtures or high load electrical appliances. 
  6. When it comes to floors, consider finishes that allow for faster installation.  Among the handier finishes are sheet linoleum or vinyl, wall to wall carpet, such as wood, bamboo or cork. 
  7. For speedier renovation, it is also advisable to avoid custom cabinets and other personalized or custom made items that may require more lead time, bigger budget or longer construction periods. 

If, however, you are really short out of time, you can speed up your renovation schedule by expanding your budget.

 Yes, money can do wonders, even in renovation.  You can always ask your contractor to add more workers to speed things up.  The important thing in renovation is getting the design you want, at a budget that you set and with a realistic timeframe.