Renovation for Your Home

Oftentimes, we associate renovation with our existing budgets, or on a larger scale, on the current economic state.  However there may be some renovations for your home that you should not postpone.  In fact a lot of home renovations when addressed early can actually help you save in the long run.  Renovate your home not just for aesthetics purposes but also to make your home eco-friendly.  Here are some home renovation ideas:

1.       Add a little extra padding for your attic.  This will help reduce energy consumption and thus be more economical in the long run.  Proper insulation can cut heating and cooling bills by 10%. 

2.       Renovate your windows by upgrading old single-pane windows with Energy Star qualified windows.  These window types can save you a lot when it comes to energy bills.  Energy Star qualified windows usually more than a couple panes of glass, warm edge spacers between the window panes and better framing materials

3.       Water heater is another of most home’s major energy expenditure.  Not only that, it accounts a huge chunk of the household’s monthly energy bill.  It’s time to renovate your heater if your existing one is more than 10 years old.  Why?  If your water heater is old, it is most likely operating at a less efficient rate, with an efficiency level of 50 per cent or lower.  However, you can still save money by insulating the water heater with a water heater jacket.  You can buy water heater jackets at most hardware stores or by lowering the temperature setting on the water heater.

There are many benefits in making energy saving renovations to your abode. These renovations can reduce your energy use and thus save you money in the long run. Energy-saving renovations can improve your indoor air quality, and your overall comfort level.