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White Sophistication

House Type 4-Room Standard Flat
Design Concept Modern & Cosy
Area Size 90 sqm
Renovation Cost S$ 35,000.00
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


In this living room, the designer conceptualised the spacious area around a minimalist, modern theme with a touch of Zen appeal. As for the owners, they wanted everything to be neat and uncluttered, from the very moment you enter the home. Like many homeowners, the dwellers of this abode were also concerned about the limited space in their living area. To circumvent this, the designer opted for white walls, bright lighting and large mirrors to create the illusion of space.

In most Singapore homes, there is no clear distinction between the dining area and the living area. Thus, to create a subtle division, ceiling lights were used to anchor the living area from the dining area. Meanwhile, the kitchen is fuss-free and built for easy maintenance.

The bedrooms, like the rest of the house, are minimalist and pristine. In the master bedroom, a walk-in wardrobe keeps clutter away. Once again, lights were used tastefully to create a soothing, relaxing effect thereby making the room the relaxation haven that it deserves to be.


  • Bright lights, open spaces and white-on-white all add up to create a wider living area space.
  • Wall mirrors open up the dining room, while a mod metal dining set completes the contemporary look.
  • In the kitchen, sophisticated functionality is achieved using wholly contemporary materials.
  • A walk-in wardrobe frees the master bedroom from clutter and mess.
  • The white-on-white theme carries into the bedroom, continuing the harmonious Zen atmosphere.
  • The child's bedroom is also kept minimal, with a sparing number of toys scattered around.
  • Your eyes will instantly be drawn towards the lovely wall pattern that adds quirk to the bedroom.
  • The patterned tiles create a diversion towards the otherwise solid-hued, uber-contemporary bathroom.
  • From the artistic bathroom sink down to the shower and faucet, this bathroom is an epitome of modern style.