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Warm Reflections

House Type Condo
Design Concept Modern Contemporary
Area Size 141 sq m
Renovation Cost S$ 26,500
Renovation Duration 4 weeks


This space is especially designed to be sleek, tailored and bearing cosy, homey warmth. A neutral backdrop lends this beautiful home quiet sophistication with a sense of openness. By merging clean lines and soft tones, this contemporary classic design is the perfect tonic for modern living. Space is no taboo in the dining area -- and it is further amplified with the use of an enormous wall mirror.

The long narrow hallway leads to a rich, plush bedroom that boasts of a fantastic view of the city. Patterns set in neutral palettes stir a relaxing, soothing atmosphere -- just the right ambience for the busy homeowners to return to.


  • In the living room, shades of brown were placed strategically. Shelves were liberal, to showcase the owners' art pieces.
  • Walls throughout the kitchen were kept white and bright because of the homeowner's love of open spaces.
  • Subdued lighting adds a touch of elegance to the hallway.
  • The study goes beyond the stereotypical stern vibe. Bright lighting and plenty of sunshine makes it great for working.
  • Patterns set in neutral palettes stir a relaxing, soothing atmosphere that allows blissful rest and sleep.

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Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms :$12,888.