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Smooth as Silk

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A lot of modern minimalist designs either look amateur or lackluster. Somehow, Image Creative Design successfully managed to infuse panache and character to the modern minimalist theme of this Woodlands home.

A subtly swanky and predominantly contemporary hallway greets you, leaving you in awe of the clever use of the ceiling’s mirror fixture, the temperate lighting and the astute maximization of space. To add character to the room, the designers worked around the richness of brown and kept the floor tiles matte.

The living room is peppered with a few trinkets, carefully calculated to complement rather than contradict the minimalist theme. The design used in the living room flows spontaneously through the dining room. To make the dining room seem bigger, the designers opted for floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which are not tinted to complement the classic hue and design of the dining table and chairs.

The kitchen basically utilizes the same neutral palettes. For effortless upkeep, the designers added glossy white surfaces, which are easy to clean, and the same deep brown flooring as is used throughout the house.


  • The ceiling fixture added makes an interesting conversation piece.
  • Asymmetry adds spunk to the minimalist theme of the living room.
  • Large wall mirrors make the dining room seem more spacious.
  • A dash of pink adds character to the pristine kitchen.

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HDB New Flat from :$9,388
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Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms :$12,888.