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Of Asymmetry and Textures

House Type Condo
Design Concept Modern
Area Size 110 sqm
Renovation Cost $47,500
Renovation Duration 4 weeks


Rarely do people associate asymmetry with beauty. For this lovely Bishan Point abode, Image Creative Design mixes and matches shapes, sizes and textures to create a posh avant-garde home. With the limited floor area, the designers decided on using an open concept and allowing the designs to flow smoothly – without delineation – from one room to another.

The feature wall and entertainment center of the living room makes the most of out of symmetry and textures. Juxtaposing a glossy, reflective surface with a smooth matte finish gives the area a unique spirited vibe. For the dining room, texture once again plays a huge role in its quirkiness, with the addition of a lovely cushioned seating. A bar is also available for late night cocktails.

The kitchen is kept clean with solid colours. Surfaces are glossy and easy to maintain. Meanwhile, a more natural finish is used for the master’s bedroom. Polished wood and rich browns gives it a laid-back atmosphere.


  • Asymmetrical shapes and contrasting textures somehow end up complementing each other.
  • Adding a wine bar is a perfect idea for homeowners who go for a laid-back lifestyle.
  • Red cushioned bar chairs add contrast to the neutrality.
  • An ultra-modern, functional kitchen.
  • Polished wood accentuates the bedroom’s homey air.
  • A large walk-in wardrobe for the collection of clothing and accessories.

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Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms :$12,888.