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Floral Funhouse

House Type 3 Bedrooms Condominium
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size N/A
Renovation Cost N/A
Renovation Duration N/A


The home owners wanted to create a home which is easy to maintain and has a spacious feel. To maximize the available space, Crescendo cleverly constructed a swivel mechanism divider, which created a foyer area for added privacy and an exclusive corner for the grand piano. The overall simplicity and elegance of the design perfectly suits families with children.


  • The laminated flooring harmoniously complements the striking colors of the living room.
  • Sunny hanging lights immerse the living hall in a warm, cosy mood.
  • The dining area flows seamlessly into the kitchen, while a dark mirror is useful for a quick after cooking touch-up.
  • Additional cabinets parallel to the main work area provides ample counter space for food preparation.
  • Stainless steel cooking appliances and black counter-top makes a wonderful contrast to the kitchen's lemony yellow theme.
  • Square and round-shaped graphic patterns contribute to the contemporary design of this bathroom.
  • A floral wallpaper of dark purple and fuchsia pink, with matching drapes, adds an intimate, romantic mood to the master bedroom.
  • A mirror was strategically placed in this smaller room to create the illusion of space.
  • This bright and striking green symbolises growth and liveliness which is suitable for use in children room.