Black N White House

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English Charm

House Type 4 Bedroom Condominium
Design Concept Modern English
Area Size 1,450 sqft
Renovation Cost N/A
Renovation Duration N/A


Inspired by old English designs, this contemporary condominium unit chiefly uses a pristine palette, framed in glossy black. Shunning away from traditional baroque English designs, the designer used slim, sleek furniture that are as lovely as they are functional. The living area is very spacious, much to the delight of the homeowners. The dining area exudes a classic and refined air. The large framed painting adds charm to the dining area, while serving as a great conversation piece for the guests. This charming and polished motif carries into the study. A nicely cushioned bay window allows for the lady of the house to relax and unwind as her husband works on the glossy modern desk.


  • Subtly black accents to the white palette set the modern and subtly splendid vibe of this house.
  • The homeowners enjoy the brightness and spaciousness of the living room as it stirs a tranquil mood.
  • The framed painting that nearly covers the entire wall serves as a great conversation piece for the guests.
  • Plenty of storage space helps keep away clutter in this study.
  • The lady of the house reads and relaxes by this bay window as her husband works.