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Wooden Zen

House Type 5 Room Flat
Design Concept Modern Zen
Area Size 1,130 sqft
Renovation Cost S$15,000
Renovation Duration 4 weeks


Employing the principles of modern architecture, the designers conjured up a contemporary, zen home that speaks of functionality and subtle opulence. The hallway secures the owners' privacy while infusing art. Meanwhile, sleek clean lines and dark, opulent shades create ambience that is prevalent in the living area. Cozy and uncomplicated, it allows the homeowners to unwind comfortably. The living area flows seamlessly into the dining area, where a large wall mirror creates an illusion of space, while adding a hint of grandiose. The dining area is modern, clean and brightly-lit. Functionality is the key to this kitchen's appeal and its overall atmosphere allows for a pleasant and easy cooking experience.


  • The hallway is designed to secure the owners' privacy. From the outside, you wouldn’t get a peek into their interior.
  • The rich brown and beige hues welcome guests with a warm, cozy mood.
  • The mirror perpendicular to the dining table adds height and class to the dining area.
  • A wooden display shelf adds character to the dining area, allowing the owners to display their personal trinkets.
  • A breakfast nook for two invites casual chatter as the homeowners eat their morning cereal.
  • The kitchen is sleek, modern and functional, allowing the owners to have a pleasant cooking experience.