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Sundry Modernism

House Type 5 Room Flat
Design Concept Comtemporary
Area Size 1,184 sqft
Renovation Cost S$75,000
Renovation Duration 6 weeks


Contemporary and dramatic. That’s the premise for this modern 5-bedroom home. The designer incorporated the homeowners’ personal styles and preferences to create a home that is a unique reflection of their qualities. The kitchen is clean and avant-garde, with the profuse use of wooden laminate cabinets. Its spaciousness is one of its most distinguishable qualities, creating a degree of openness which allows the owners to freely move about. The bedroom is all about the earthy glow, with its rich brown tones. The floral patterned bedhead adds softness to the bedroom, creating a contrast with the dark wooden cabinets and grey wall.


  • The elegantly-designed entrance boasts of airy spaciousness, with plenty of room for the guests to freely move around.
  • The warm wood tones mixed with white walls and glossy flooring create an elegant yet welcoming ambience.
  • This minimally-furnished tea room exudes a Zen appeal which allows for unwinding.
  • Cooking and washing the dishes is made splendid and uncomplicated with this contemporary and spacious kitchen.
  • The earthy palette injects a comforting scheme. A rich bedhead cushions the austerity of the wooden laminates.