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Verdant Oriental

House Type Restaurant - Shami Banana Leaf Delights
Design Concept Modern Resort
Area Size 1,500 sqft
Renovation Cost S$125,000
Renovation Duration 7 weeks


Shami Banana Leaf Delights set up its first stall in 1993 at Yishun North Point Shopping Centre Basement Foodcourt. Recently, it set up another branch -- this time classier and with a more inviting ambience. With this branch of Shami Banana Leaf Delights, the designer creates the perfect atmosphere that borders somewhere between vivacious and laid-back. Predominantly Oriental with its Asian furnishings and accents, the restaurant is spacious with tables that are set far from each other, giving each group of diners the privacy that they need. The interior is bathed in warm lighting and accentuated with minimal art pieces, producing a warm, homey feel. The toilet is clean and exceptionally lovely with the addition of a few potted plants. In fact, this toilet was even bestowed the 5-star Happy Toilet award by the NEA.


  • The bright signboard, the outdoor seats and the Oriental accessories blend perfectly well to achieve a delightfully cozy appeal.
  • The reception area is reflective of the diner's predominantly Oriental theme.
  • The interior is warm and spacious, with tables set far apart to create privacy for the guests.
  • The designer's choice of furniture and furnishings aptly create a homey feel.
  • A single rose adds a romantic touch to the restaurant's atmosphere.
  • The cheery, lovely and verdant toilet adds in to the relaxed atmosphere.