Lowe Living Concept Pte Ltd

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Fresh Vibrance

House Type Retail Shop
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 75 sqft
Renovation Cost S$25,000
Renovation Duration 2 weeks


The designer effectively captures the retail’s store essence with the clever use of flower arrangements, effervescent green hues and a white backdrop. This fresh youthful vibe is prevalent from the display windows down to the product shelves and right through each of the shop’s corners. To allow the customers an easy, fuss-free shopping experience, stocks are neatly arranged in rows, with their respective brand names flashed in bright fluorescent acrylics.


  • The floral arrangements on the display window soften the ultramodern and contemporary look while catching attention.
  • The Y&U are ingeniously juxtaposed to form the word YOU -- an effective promotion strategy.
  • Glossy surfaces, whites and a light green hue create a fresh atmosphere that aptly represents youthfulness.
  • The lustrous, neat display allows customers an easy browsing and shopping experience.
  • The vibrant display successfully catches people's attention while bluntly showcasing their products.