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Contemporary Miscellany

House Type Residential
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 1,400 sqft
Renovation Cost S$65,000
Renovation Duration 5 weeks


This cosy home for a family of 6 is an impressive fusion of contemporary elegance and modern functionality. For the living and dining area, neutral shades and chic styles are utilised. To enhance its appeal, a variety of lighting angles and intensity is skilfully used. Each bedroom showcases different themes. One generally gives off a dusky, romantic flair. The other is more contemporary, less opulent. Meanwhile, the children’s bedroom is simplistic yet its vibrancy is magnified with the apt use of mirrors.


  • The living and dining area are characterised by asymmetrical lines, that are both chic and homely.
  • The ornate chandelier is the perfect piece to embellish the luxurious bed.
  • The wall behind the bed is adorned in exquisite lighting – a major feature of this spacious bedroom.
  • The floor to ceiling mirrors enhancing the sun-drenched loveliness of this bedroom.

Special Deals

$500 worth of home accessories and decorations exclusive for iCompare.