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Contemporary Candor

House Type Retail (Elitrend)
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 500 sqft
Renovation Cost S$26,000
Renovation Duration 3 weeks


This fashion accessories shop utilised a single colour scheme throughout its interior. Since the shop’s retail items already added enough assortment of colours, the single colour scheme worked perfectly well. In fact, the uniformity worked as an effective stanchion for showcasing the store’s items. To create an illusion of space, mirrors were sporadically used throughout the shop.


  • The bright lighting that adorns the shop's entrance is minimalist, yet welcoming.
  • The ceiling's intricate design is a fascinating accent to the store's overall austere ambience.
  • Each type of accessory is categorized in neat, simplistic shelves for easy user access.
  • The neutral carpeting balances the vibrant colors of the retail products.
  • Mirrors are aptly positioned at each of the store's makeshift pillars.

Special Deals

$500 worth of home accessories and decorations exclusive for iCompare.