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Modern Exuberance

House Type Retail Shop (Talk and Play)
Design Concept Contemporary
Area Size 500 sqft
Renovation Cost S$31,000
Renovation Duration 2 weeks


This contemporary retail shop's design is a reflection of its retail items -- fun, vivacious and avant-garde. Since it is located within Vivo City, there was a certain degree of restriction when it came to the colours that were be used. Blue and white proved to be the perfect choice to represent the shop’s sheer exuberance. A distinct feature of this shop is its irregularly-shaped counters. The amusing asymmetry fits the shop’s overall atmosphere to a tee.


  • A vibrant blue shade creates a vivacious atmosphere, while the signage lends a unique, identity to the shop.
  • Lighting is appropriately angled to present their items in the best possible manner.
  • Asymmetrical designs used in the store counters add eccentricity and spunk to the store’s overall atmosphere.

Special Deals

$500 worth of home accessories and decorations exclusive for iCompare.